Saturday, April 07, 2007


Maybe next time we consider using some of these

Good News:
  • Timmy-Timmy Wakefield has still got it. Yesterday, he gave up only two runs (only one earned) to a pretty good hitting Rangers team, though they haven't showed it yet this year. Still, Timmy-Timmy held the 'gers to just two runs over six innings, K'ing four and BB'ing two.
  • The bullpen kept up their impressive streak, throwing two innings of no-run ball (the Rangers were at home and were leading, so the Sox pen didn't have to throw in the ninth inning). Still, Okajima pitched very well, despite one walk, and Kyle Snyder who is reminding me more and more of Bronson Arroyo (its probably the height) was particularly impressive, getting a good number of swings and misses to his pitches. He was consistently ahead in the count, and all his pitches had movement.
  • Mike "Mikey Doubles" Lowell didn't make any errors.
  • Coco had a nice hit, over the head of the left fielder for a double. Of course he was stranded there.
  • The Yankees lost and looked bad doing it.
Bad News:
  • Where to start... Robinson Tejeda didn't impress me. His velocity wasn't impressive, his location wasn't impressive and he walked three guys in seven innings while only striking out one. Once again, not impressive. Given all that, the Red Sox should have smacked him around a bit. Or maybe scored a few times. Or got more than three hits. Three hits? Sheesh...
  • Ortiz looks lost at the plate. Twice in a row he swung at the first pitch resulting in a pop up to right field and a ground out to second base. Of course, he's not worried.
The anointed 5th starter takes the ball today in Arlington vs. the TexAss "Don't Call Us NY" Rangers. It should be a dandy!

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