Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sox Crush Yanks or I Got Your Run Differential Right Here!

Last week after the Red Sox swept the Yankees in Boston you heard a few excuses from Yankee fans, some legitimate, some not so much. The list usually began with injuries, but also included playing on the road, the Red Sox rotation was lined up perfectly while the Yankees rotation wasn't, and the fact that the Red Sox only won the three games by a total of four runs.

With that in mind, you'd think Friday night would have been the Yankees day. They were at home, with their opening day lineup out in full force, and their best pitcher on the mound who entered the day sporting a sub-2.00 era.

I'm not sure what the next list of excuses will be, but judging from the empty seats at Yankee Stadium tonight they'll probably be on the creative side. Tonight the Red Sox crushed the Yankees. Crushed them.

The score was 11-4, but the Yankees never threated other than in the 4th inning when Matsuzaka, who pitched an effective game other than the 4th inning, walked the first three hitters and then gave up two bloop singles to Johnny Damon and Derek Jeter. Actually, Jeter's was more of a grounder just out of reach of the fielders. Still, neither player hit the ball hard. In fact, Damon's single was on a check swing, which was, you know, kinda weird.

That would be all for the Yankees offense. And in the Red Sox very next turn at bat in the top of the 5th, they quickly took the lead back on a couple walks and some timely base hits. After scoring three in the 5th the score was 5-4, Boston, but the Red Sox weren't done yet. They managed to score a few more on the Yankee bullpen and then took it to Mariano Rivera in the ninth who came on to protect a three run... deficit? Well, it didn't matter if it was a deficit when Rivera came on or not because it was definitely a deficit when he left. Rivera was yanked by Joe Torre after retiring one hitter (JD Drew on a strikeout to start off the inning) and surrendering 2 runs. He left with the bases loaded and Mike Myers came on to allow the pounding to continue. After Myers was done, Rivera's line looked like this: one third of an inning, three hits, four runs, one walk, and one strikeout. Oh, and Rivera's era is now a sparkling 12.15.

All in all, it was a fabulous night to be a Red Sox fan. We crushed the Yankees best lineup, best starting pitcher and best reliever on their turf in front of their fans in the Bronx. We've beaten them four straight, are way up on them for the division lead and tomorrow they're staring down the barrel of having to start Jeff Karstens against us, losing the series and potentially getting swept. Again!

Even More Good News: Jon Lester, who was scheduled to receive a check up to ensure he is still cancer free today, was pronounced 100% healthy.

Even More "Even More Good News": Then Lester went out and beat the pants off some AAA team. Hopefully he'll be able to rejoin the Red Sox soon. He has another rehab start scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

AL East: With tonights 11-4 win, the Red Sox continue to maintain the best record in baseball, now 15-7. The increase their lead in the division as Toronto, Baltimore, and New York (obviously) all lost. The Sox lead the Blue Jays by 4.0, the Orioles by 4.5, Tampa by 6.0 (who won tonight), and the Yankees by a whopping 6.5 games. The Red Sox are 4-0 against NY this season, and with tonight's loss the Yankees have lost seven straight games. The Yankees fall to five games below .500 on the year.

Tomorrow: Tim Wakefield vs. Jeff Karstens. Game time 3:55pm. The game will be broadcast on Fox, so for best results, place your fingers in your ears and continue to breath normally.

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