Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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Tonight the Red Sox lost to Toronto, 10-3. His Craziness was His Craziness, allowing too many hits (7) and too many runs (6) in not enough innings (4.2) and Kyle Snyder didn't help matters (1.1 innings pitched, 4 runs allowed). The Red Sox defense was complicit as well, kicking the ball around to the tune of 4 errors on the night which led to 4 unearned runs. The concept of unearned runs is bunk, but just the same the Red Sox didn't make the Jays work too hard for those four extras.

Particularly egregious in this regard was Wily Mo Pena, who with one dropped ball in center field cost the Red Sox four runs and just about any shot at actually winning the game. With two outs in the top of the sixth inning and two runners on base, Lyle Overbay hit a low line drive into center. Even after initially starting back on the ball he had plenty of time to catch it, but the ball somehow bounced in and then out of his glove. The result was two runs crossing the plate and a second and third situation for Toronto. The next hitter was Vernon Wells who quite predictably singled, plating both those runs and effectively turning the game into a lost cause.

Mike Lowell hit another homer, but other than that the Red Sox offense was pretty silent, as Roy Halladay held them in check.

AL East: With tonight's loss the Red Sox have lost two games in a row. The Orioles lost again to Oakland, allowing the Sox to maintain their 1.5 game lead on the division. With the win, the Blue Jays pulled to an even .500 on the year, and are now 2.5 games behind Boston. The Yankees lost to the Devil Rays 6-4, their fifth loss in a row. At 8-11, NY remains 4 games behind the Sox. With the win, Tampa pulled ahead of NY to 3.5 games behind the division lead.

Tomorrow: The Red Sox begin another two game series, this one in Baltimore against the Orioles. Curt Schilling will pitch against Daniel Cabrera, who has been surprisingly effective this season.

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