Monday, April 23, 2007


To Whom It Won't Surprise:

Steve "the Genius" Phillips, as I like to call him, just said that Roger Clemens is more likely to go to the Yankees than the Red Sox. OK, sounds plausible, but wait to you get to the part that "The Genius" has trouble with: the part that requires reasoning. Phillips said on Baseball Tonight, a show I enjoy watching so much I haven't watched it yet this season, that Clemens is more likely to join NY over Boston because NY's bullpen is better.

Now, if that was true, you would expect the Yankee bullpen to have good... oh, what are those called again? Ah, yes, 'statasticks.' During the just completed series between the two teams (in which the Yankees lost all three (ha ha ha!)), the Yankees bullpen gave up 8 runs over 10 innings. To math-retarded me, this works out to be an ERA of 7.20.

Now as a 'statasticks', this is bad. During this same series, and facing what is renowned to be (and likely is) the best lineup in baseball, Boston's bullpen threw 6 1/3 innings, giving up one run. To math-retarded me, this works out to be an ERA of 1.42. This is counter-intuitive though, because even though the Yankees got the bigger number, in this case, its not good. This is one of the things that makes 'statasticks' complicated: sometimes you want a big one, and other times you want a small one.

In any case, whatever, Steve Phillips is a douche.


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