Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hey Yankee Fans! Remember this guy?

I love reading yankee blogs after the Red Sox beat them. The over-rationalizing is terrifically entertaining. Usually I just enjoy it and let it go. To be fair, I understand how they feel. My team has lost to their team from time to time.

However, sometimes I do take issue with some of the rationalizing. Take for instance the notion that the yankees would have won game two if they weren't so injured. After all, the Red Sox only won by two runs. If Mussina was pitching and Damon, Matsui, and Posada weren't hurt the yankees would surely have won. ("No they wouldn't, and stop calling me 'Shirley.'")

The reason this kind of thinking gets under my skin is I could turn around and do the same thing. What about if Manny wasn't hitting .200? He's not going to suck all year, right? If Posada is a Hall of Famer, then Manny is a Double Hall of Famer (editors note: no such thing).

The Yankees are undoubtedly more beat up than Boston is now, but (news flash!) they have an old team (so does Boston). Injuries and missing players are part of the game. I still believe the Red Sox would have won the division last year if they hadn't had the most incredible run of injuries I've ever seen in my time on this planet. Feel free to disagree with that if you want, but the point is that the Sox got really beat up and as a result weren't able to hold their lead in the division. The players who filled in weren't good enough to compete with the yankees or, as it turned out, the Blue Jays either. Yet I don't recall any yankee fans feeling unsportsmanlike about sweeping an injured Red Sox team last August.

After the past two games, it seems the shoe is on the other foot now. The yankees have some very good players hurt right now, and their team would undoubtedly be better if those players were healthy. The yankees also have one of the worst benches I've seen an AL team have in a long while. One wonders why, with the payroll they have and the catche they carry, Brian Cashman didn't feel the need to sign a legitimate first baseman or a back up catcher who could hit better than a fifth grader (now on ABC: Can You Hit Better Than A Fifth Grader?! Something for Wil Nieves to do after the yankees cut him). These are problems that could easily have been remedied before the season started, and they would have helped limit the damage caused by these recent injuries.

So, make excuses if you want, yankee fans. Maybe if those players hadn't been injured or your GM decided to dedicate some of the $200 Bazillion payroll to someone besides the starters, you'd have come into Boston and beaten the Sox senseless. But the reality is, that didn't happen. The reality is you're on the verge of being swept.

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