Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Idiot Speaks (Again)

Its that time of year again. Its the time that the Yankees and Red Sox renew an old rivalry, the time the fans of said franchises freak the F out about it, and the time the media tries to stir all this up even more than it already is, if thats actually possible.

To wit: Some media member (and I do mean member) asked former Red Sox star and current Yankee nobody Johnny Damon about his former team. The standard answer from ol' big mouth is how amazingly super happy he is in New York and how much better it is there than in Boston. Well, the traitor didn't disappoint us, letting fly about how the Red Sox fans "turned their heads to me." Apparently we Red Sox fans "believe what we believe in."

Leaving aside the fact that both those comments seem, well, ill-formed, for a moment, I'd like to address the tone of the comments. But, in a typically ridiculous journalistic tool, I'd like to address Johnny D himself. Because, you know, he reads this blog all the time.

Dear Johnny D,

Listen up, son. We didn't turn our backs on you, you turned your back on us. Nobody questioned your leaving the team. It was perfectly within your rights to do so. You could have gone to any team in the league with only one exception. We would have wished you the best and cheered you each time you came back to Boston. Look at Orlando Cabrera and Dave Roberts. Both of those guys were Red Sox for about three or four months and they're still heros in Boston. You, Manny, and Papi were the cornerstones of the Boston franchise. Even if you left, you still wouldn't have ever had to pay for a beer in Boston for the rest of your life.

But, like Dubya, you took all the goodwill that was extended to you and squashed it. What I don't understand is your sense of bewilderment. How did you expect the fans to react? As a Red Sock you knew how Red Sox fans feel about the Yankees, so when you came back to Fenway as a Yankee, obviously we're not going to throw roses at you. No, we're going to boo yr ass. Of frick'n course! You know why, right? I hope I don't need to answer that.

Further, every time you open your yap and babble about how much you love New York and how happy you are there instead of Boston you just sound desperate and lame. It doesn't matter anyway, because we don't want you back, Johnny. You're not welcome in Boston. And every time you set foot in this town you can expect to hear about it from us.

All Red Sox fans hate Jeter, but we all respect him too. We all love to poke A-Rod, but only because he's so sensitive and clumsy about it. But you, Johnny, you are at the head of the line.
The second you put on pinstripes and that ugly hat with the NY on it, you became public enemy number one. You know why? Because we all loved you, and there really is a fine line between love and hate. Its a shame, because it didn't have to be that way at all.

Good luck in New York, I hope you f'ers never win another game.


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