Friday, April 20, 2007


"Don't taunt me like that, ball!"

Julian Tavarez and the Sox 'B' lineup on the road to face Roy Halladay and the Blue Jays. Thats a recipe for disaster if I've ever seen one. But, His Craziness held the Jays in check for almost six innings before falling apart, and then Manny and Cora (Cora?) took care of business in the later innings. In the end, after Papelbon was finished embarrassing the Jays in the bottom of the ninth, the Sox were declared victors by a score of 5-3.

As great a comeback win as it was, and it was a great comeback win - raise your hand if you though the Sox were winning this one after seven innings down 3-1 with Halladay dealing - it wasn't the best comeback win of the day in MLB. No, unfortunately that title goes to the Yankees, who overcame a 6-2 deficit in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and nobody on base! I'd love to see the win expectancy chart on that game. Actually, no, I probably wouldn't.

After watching the Yankees come from behind win/the Great Joe Borowski Hit Giveaway (get yours today!) I penned the following email to a friend of mine:

So, after the Red Sox won, I decided to watch the Yankees lose. The Indians were up 6-2 with two outs in the ninth and nobody on base. I was celebrating. The final out was one pitch away. You'd have thought I'd have learned my lesson with Grady Little and countless other examples, but, sadly, no. Of course the final score of the game was Yankees 8, Indians 6. Borowski just kept throwing meatballs. He was unbelievably terrible. And the Yankees kept hitting them, right up until A-Hole ended it with a three run homer crushed to straight away center. The sequence of events went thusly: 6-2, Indians. Out (Cano), Out (Cabrera), Solo Homer (Phelps, 6-3), single (Posada), walk (Damon), single (Abreu, 6-4), single (Jeter, 6-5), homer (A-Hole, 8-6). I can't remember such a horrendous meltdown. Just f'n awful. At no time did Wedge get anyone else up in the pen.

So, its pretty plain from that email that the yankee win is my fault. That and Joe Borowski will likely be thrown into Lake Erie, where he will surely burn to death (obligatory 'lake on fire' joke).

Tomorrow: You-know-who comes to town. Its Andy Pettitte vs. Curt Schilling at 7:05. I won't tempt fate by saying anything stupid, like, you know, guaranteeing a Sox win, but this looks like a good match-up (wink! wink!). Go Sox!

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