Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The Angels won this series, and they may sweep the Red Sox, but there is no way in hell they'll get all the breaks that they got in this series ever again this season. I won't happen. The Red Sox screwed themselves out of runs right and left, literally kicked balls that would have got them out of innings and threw meatball pitches at just the wrong time. In short, they played as badly as they could.

I could go through the litany of awfulness, but whats the point? Theres another game tomorrow, so I'll just touch on a few horrid parts and try to keep my blood pressure down a bit.

Just a miserable fifth inning by the Red Sox defensively. Three mistakes lead to five Angels runs in the inning. First was Julio Lugo, who's only reason to play is his good defense. With runners on first and second there was a hard hit ball perfect for a double play just to Lugo's left, but he kicked it. Instead of a runner on third with two outs, it was bases loaded with no outs.

Things went downhill from there. Youkilis dropped a potential double play grounder, though he got one out at first. Then the Angels tried the squeeze play. Mirabelli couldn't field it and the only play was at first, but Delcarmen couldn't field it and everyone was safe.

Then, with the Sox down by three, a manageable amount, and a fully rested bullpen, Francona inexplicably sent out Julian Tavarez for the second day in a row. The results were predictable, which is which is why this decision was so bad. Tavarez gave up two runs to bring the lead to five runs, and pretty much put the game out of reach.

And the Angels announcers... oh, who the fuck cares. What a bunch of assholes.

AL East: Yankees won again. Lead down to 5 games.

Tomorrow (Wednesday): The Red Sox try not to spill food down their shirts while eating breakfast. Hopefully Julian Tavarez isn't the one pouring the orange juice.

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