Friday, August 17, 2007


What in the hell is wrong with Eric Gagne?

Down 4-1 going into the bottom of the eighth inning, the Red Sox made an amazing comeback scoring four runs to take a 5-4 lead. They entered the ninth up by one and Terry Francona brought out Eric Gagne to finish it up.

Gagne failed utterly and completely, giving up three runs on three non-cheap hits and a walk while striking out nobody in the ninth. I don’t know if Gagne is injured or if his confidence is just shaken (mine would be by now), but right now I don’t care. His performance is just plain unacceptable.
This loss sits squarely on his shoulders. Gagne single-handedly took a spirit lifting win and turned it into a horribly deflating loss. If the Sox had put Mike Timlin into all the games in which Gagne has pitched they’d be at least one if not two or three games farther ahead of the Yankees.

After Gagne’s horrific performance, things went from terrible to ... well, whats worse than terrible? With one down in the bottom of the inning and the Sox needing two to tie, Rodriguez got ahead of Youk, 1-2. He threw a pitch low and away which Youkilis fouled into the dirt, except the umpire ruled that Youkils hadn’t made contact and thus was out on a strike out. It was a terrible call which was not only clear on instant replay but abundantly clear in live action. Both Francona and Youkilis were tossed arguing the ridiculous call.

I’ve written more about this shitstorm of a game, but honestly I just don’t feel like editing it into a post
right now. I’ll write more tomorrow, but right now I’m just going to have a beer and try to think of something else. What a terrible, awful loss…

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