Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Inspired by Chad Finn's post about Random Red Sox games he attended:

I believe the first time I saw the Red Sox play was on opening day, 1989 in the now razed Memorial Stadium in North Baltimore. Roger Clemens started for the Sox, and the legendary Dave Schmidt for the Orioles.

Mike Greenwell and Cal Ripken both homered, but the moment I remember most, besides watching Clemens long toss on the outfield grass before the game, is a catch by then Orioles rookie Steve Finley.

I don't recall who hit the ball or the exact situation, though I'm just about positive that there were runners on and two down. What I do remember is that the ball was crushed to right center. I was seated in the outfield bleacher seats, which in Memorial Stadium were separated from the outfield wall by a ten foot wide walkway that I guess players and grounds crew used. The result was that the outfield wall blocked your view of the field from just before the warning track to the base of the wall.

Anyway, the ball was hit and Finley went tearing after it. I saw the ball and Finley converging and then disappear from view. Then I heard a smack and saw the wall itself bend towards me. The crowd roared. Somehow Finley had caught it.

Boston ultimately lost to Baltimore in 11 innings, 5-4. Finley's catch saved the game for Baltimore, who went on to finish second, two games behind a powerful Toronto team.

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