Tuesday, August 28, 2007


After today's game I'm really not in the mood to be long winded. I hate losing to the Yankees. I absolutely HATE it. You know I truly hate it too because I capitalized.

When looking at this series, I would have given the Yankees the advantages in games one and three. To keep a respectable seven game lead over New York, the Red Sox have to win just one of these three games. If you accept that premise, then today's loss means tomorrow's Beckett/Clemens row is a must-win for the Sox. As much as a team with a seven game lead and the best record in all of baseball can have a must-win anyway.

Clemens has been a league average pitcher this season while Beckett is a legitimate contender for the AL Cy Young award. This means the game tilts heavily towards Boston.

Oddly enough, Beckett boasts some pretty serious home/road splits as well. At home, Beckett's ERA is 4.25, but on the road its 1.90. At home, Beckett is 2007 Roger Clemens, but on the road he's 1990 Roger Clemens. Thats a big difference.

Hopefully its a clear difference tomorrow night. Game time 7:05pm EST.


In other less depressing news, I finally got the site design figured out. Hopefully you like it, and hopefully blogger doesn't eat it. We'll see, I'm not holding my breath.

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