Saturday, August 04, 2007


Remember a few years ago when the Red Sox just couldn't be the Orioles? It wasn't that the Orioles were any good. They weren't. It wasn't that the Red Sox were lousy either, because they weren't. It was just one of those things that happen in baseball sometimes. Over the course of a random number of games, a lousy team consistently beats a good team.

That seems to be the case here, as the Red Sox bumbled their way to another loss in Seattle last night, 7-4. The chief culprits were Manny Ramirez who squelched so many rallies last night that he must have been confusing them for those bugs that wake you up at night by falling from the ceiling and landing on your face, and Mike Timlin.

Timlin has been effective recently, but his lack of strikeouts has worried me, and last night it seemed it was time to pay the piper. The damage wouldn't have been so severe had Timlin simply thrown the ball to first base correctly on a number of occasions, such as 1) the sac bunt where he elected to try to cut down the lead runner and failed, and 2) where he tried to pick off a runner on first and hit the runner with the throw, giving him second base.

This was another Red Sox game where they had runners on base right and left and just never brought them in. I'm beginning to think that we have a theme here.

AL East: New York beat KC, Toronto beat Texas, and Baltimore beat Tampa. The Red Sox lead over New York is back down to 7.0 games.

Today (Saturday): The Red Sox play game two against Seattle at 10:05pm EST. Matsuzaka goes against Jarrod Washburn.

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