Monday, August 06, 2007


We're not there yet, but if the Red Sox are going to get starting pitching like they have the last two days, and get Curt Schilling back, they will be a formidable force in the post season.

Beckett struck out nine in 6.1 innings of work and allowed only one run, allowing the Red Sox offense some time to get into gear. They eventually did, scoring nine runs off the Mariners, winning the game, 9-2, and the series 2-1.

It took a few innings, and about seven thousand men left on base, but Manny homered, Papi doubled, and Crisp got run over by a moose on an ATV. He also doubled twice.

More later...

AL East: Everyone won except Tampa, so the Sox lead over New York remains at 7.0 games.

Today (Monday): The Red Sox begin a three game series in Anaheim with the Angels. Curt Schilling returns from the DL to the rotation. He'll be opposed by Jered "Are you ready" Weaver. Game time 10:05pm EST.

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