Thursday, July 05, 2007


That may as well have happened, as His Craziness pitched three good innings before completely crapping the bed in the fourth. The bed crapping culminated in a grand slam homer with two outs and a 1-2 count on the batter, the aptly named Curtis Granderson. That put the score at 8-1, and for all intents and purposes ended the competitive portion of the game. I have nothing more to say about this poofest.

In previously non-blogged-about news, the Sox finished off a sweep of Tampa by a final of 15-4. Josh Beckett won his 12th game, giving up 3 runs in six innings of work.

AL East: New York, Toronto, and Tampa won Friday. Baltimore lost. The Red Sox lead the Blue Jays and Yankees by 11.0 games, the Orioles by 16.0 games, and Tampa by 19.0.

Today (Saturday): Kason Gabbard tries to redeem the Red Sox in Detroit. He'll get his ass kicked by Jeremy Bonderman at 7:05pm EST.

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