Friday, July 13, 2007

MY LIST: The Five Players I'd Never Want To See Playing For The Boston Red Sox

On (a most fabulous Sox-centric website, I must say), they were discussing the A-Rod situation, and the potential for A-Rod to come to Boston next season. It is at least a possibility. The two positions that A-Rod plays both will be positions of need for Boston after this season, assuming that, 1) Julio Lugo doesn't snap out of what is now a full season long funk and, 2) the Sox don't throw a bunch of money at Mike Lowell. It is probably more likely that the first happens than the second, meaning third base will likely be open in Boston after this season.

Predictably, most of the posters on Surviving Grady weren't super keen ("super keen?!") on seeing A-Rod in a Red Sox uniform. One poster mentioned that A-Rod was on his list of players he never wants to play on the Red Sox. I though, "That must be an interesting list... Hey! I have a blog, I'll post my own list, and then people can write their lists in the comments section and/or call me an idiot!" Great idea, me.

What follows is my list of the five players I'd never want to see playing for the Boston Red Sox:
  1. Barry Bonds - I have enough problem with the fact that he cheated, but add to it that he is by all accounts a total ass, and that he's said negative things about Boston before (though he somewhat recanted when the Giants came to Boston last month), and he's at the top of my list.
  2. David Eckstein - He sucks, but everyone kisses his ass. It drives me crazy.
  3. Johnny Damon - Playing careers are short and guys should try to get the most money out of management that they can in that time. However, there comes a time when enough is enough. Plus, you don't leave the Red Sox for the Yankees and then come back to play in Boston. Nope nope nope.
  4. Roger Clemens - I would have loved to have Clemens back on the team this season. He was a childhood idol of mine and the only thing that would please me more than having him back on the team and winning a World Series is beating his ass and keeping him out of the playoffs and then winning a World Series without him. (You gotta be realistic, right?)
  5. Derek Jeter - Some of my Red Sox fan friends think Jeter is great and would love to have him on the Sox. I think Jeter is a terrific hitter, a terrible captain, and an even worse shortstop. Even worse than 'even worse', he epitomizes the Yankees to me, and under no circumstances do I want that/him wearing a Red Sox cap. I'd sooner have Jorge Posada or Mariano Rivera on the Red Sox, though I don't want them either.
It doesn't have to be the Red Sox. Who are the guys you'd never want to play for your favorite team?

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