Sunday, July 01, 2007


That headline could serve as the storyline for the whole weekend. Red Sox pitch, don't hit. Guess which day I'm talking about? Unfortunately, both. The Saturday game was particularly galling because the Sox had ostensibly their best pitcher on the mound while the Rangers had the very definition of a replacement level guy. But, still the Red Sox couldn't come through despite endless chances.

The most galling of the galling was the horrific decision by Julio Lugo to try to steal third base with Kevin Youkilis up, Papi on deck, and two outs in the eighth inning. The fact that he got thrown out was also problematic, but the thought process is what really gets under my skin. From my vantage point in right field I couldn't see the play very well, though it was clear that the ball beat Lugo to the base. I was utterly beside myself after that. It was an unbelievably stupid, sub-moronic, idiotic, lame, and brainless idea. I won't insult my reader(s?) intelligence by going through the reasons why it was so dumb, so the old baseball maxim, "never make the third out at third base" will have to suffice.

Beyond the Lugo fiasco, Josh Beckett's fourth inning implosion, and the Red Sox maddening inability to hit with anyone on base, the game was terrific. My wife and I sat below the Budweiser sign in the right field roof deck seats. This was basically our view:

Thats Jeremy. He operates a camera for the Fenway video screen. After the Sox leave 'em loaded, Jeremy scans the crowd for something, anything, to put up on the big screen in center field. At one point Jeremy was so cruel as to put me and my wife up there in eight inning attempting to sing "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond. (Fortunately, I have no picture of this.) Sadly and surprisingly, even my beautiful face projected to 10,000 times its normal size had no appreciable effect on the Sox horrific offensive performance, as they fell to the Rangers 5-4.

If we moved a bit to the right or left we could see this, which, as nice as Jeremy was, was a bit more to our liking:

While the Sox couldn't do much with the Rangers this weekend, the Yankees couldn't do much with the A's either, and the Blue Jays plain old couldn't do anything, so the Sox didn't lose ground to either.

More to come later today, including photos of monkeys on the mound, and I'm not talking about Joel Pineiro. Promise.

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