Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Manny Ramirez apparently reads this blog and decided that I'm right, he needs to start hitting with more power, as he doubled off the top of the center field wall. He missed a homer by a foot or less. The other culprits of offensive production were Dustin Pedroia and Eric Hinske who doubled home two runs and tripled home three runs, respectively. Slow down guys! With all these runners circling the bases you're going to give the fans vertigo!

The other two runs were gifts from the umpires who apparently saw the last three games against Texas and felt bad for the home team.

On the pitching side, other than one lousy pitch to Brad Wilkerson, Kason Gabbard threw six plus good innings for the Red Sox. The other innings were picked up by the bullpen, which managed their typical excellent performance, to hold the Rangers offense in place.

At the half way point of the season the Red Sox are exactly where they were last season: 50-31 and in first place.

AL East: The Yankees won last night, as did the Blue Jays and Orioles. Only tonights opponent, Tampa, lost. The Red Sox lead the division by 10.5 games, and the Yankees by 11.0 games.

Today (Tuesday): The Devil Rays come to town MATSUZAKA! pitches for the Red Sox. He is opposed by the best Tampa has to offer in Scott Kazmir. Gametime 7:05pm EST.

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