Monday, June 25, 2007


Every team gets a stinker now and again, and the Red Sox just took theirs for this month. Julian Tavarez started well, but quickly devolved into, well... Julian Tavarez. After giving up what seemed like a billion base runners in the course of blowing a 2-1 lead, he left with the score 4-2, Mariners and the bases loaded. With one out, in came Kyle Snyder, who got the first guy to pop up, but then walked the next two guys forcing in two runs. Snyder got the next guy, but five runs had come across.

With the game close to being termed "out of reach" Francona brought in Mike Timlin to pitch the seventh. Heres how his inning went: four pitch walk, ground ball out, homer, homer, out, single, line drive out.

Deficit Before Timlin: 4 runs
Deficit After Timlin: 7 runs

Mission Accomplished!

The Sox offense was better, but not good enough. They got runners on base, but couldn't get the big hit, or really any hit, leaving 8 guys in scoring position and going 2-12 with runners in scoring position. This despite the fact that the opposing starting pitcher was named "Jeff Weaver."

One final note on this stinker of a game: A big F U to the Mariners broadcasters who seemed to take perverse pleasure in showing upset Sox fans in the stands and then mocking them towards the end of the game. I found their behavior unprofessional, and I hope they have to sit through a bunch of games wherein their team gets blown out. Preferably starting tomorrow.

The Mariners also hit Jason Varitek twice. This should not stand.

AL East: The Yankees and Orioles were off. Tampa and Toronto are both still in progress as of this writing.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Kason Gabbard vs. Felix Hernandez

I'll be out of town tomorrow and as such won't be posting on tomorrow's game. I should be able to post again Wednesday night. As always, thanks for reading.

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