Tuesday, June 12, 2007


What an amazing couple weeks for me. I got married and went on my honeymoon to Vancouver Island, British Columbia (If you haven't been, I highly recommend it). It was perfect. I'm a very lucky man. Then I came back to Philadelphia and had a reception for family and friends. About 90 people showed up and for once at a party I knew most of them. So thats what I've been doing with myself these past few weeks.

But nobody reads this blog to hear about my wedding. (In fact, nobody reads this blog.)

The Red Sox have played a ton of games since I left for the west coast. I can't possibly sustain anyone's interest by re-hashing all the games since last posting about two weeks ago. Its almost moot anyway, since the Sox lead their division by almost the same number of games as when I left (then 11.5 over Baltimore, now 9.5 over New York).

The major difference now is that the Yankees don't look dead in the water anymore. In fact the Yankees have won seven straight after beating Arizona 4-1 tonight.

As for the Red Sox, they managed another win tonight behind the excellent pitching of Tim Wakefield, who after a few rough starts seems to have found his good knuckler again. The Rockies came to town but couldn't solve Wakefield or Papelbon tonight. Speaking of Papelbon, I haven't seen him look that good since coming into the game in Texas with the bases loaded and no outs and getting out of it. He was throwing darts tonight.

More tomorrow for sure.

AL East: The Yankees stayed 9.5 games back with a win against Arizona. Tampa beat San Diego and Baltimore lost to Washington. The Blue Jays are still in action against San Francisco (and currently losing 1-0).

Tomorrow: The Red Sox play the second of three against Colorado at the Fens. Curt Schilling goes for win number seven against Josh Fogg. Gametime 7:05pm EST.

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