Saturday, June 23, 2007


Not much to say about this.

I'll give you the typical losers rant when I say the following: The umpires were abominable. All of them. The third base ump missed two cruitial calls, the first base ump missed a couple close plays at first, and the home plate umpire was handing out strikes to anyone who came anywhere near the plate, long as they had an "SD" on their hat.
The home plate ump's strike zone was huge allowing San Diego's pitcher, Chris Young, much extra help that he really didn't need.

The Red Sox didn't lose because of the umps, but that doesn't mean they weren't really bad anyway.

Still, Wakefield wasn't at his best. He was serviceable through five, but gave up back to back homers in the sixth. That made the score 6-0, and that was pretty much it. The Sox did put up a mini-rally in the ninth which netted a run, (it would have been two, but Mike Lowell's homer was knocked back into the park by Mike Cameron). But there were two outs before anything happened which kinda killed any suspense.

Tomorrow we kick their arses...

AL East: Yankees lost, so the Sox don't lose any ground to them. Tampa and Toronto won, and Baltimore is losing. The Sox are still 10.5 games up on the Yankees and more on the rest of the division.

Tomorrow (Sunday): The Red Sox try to take the series from San Diego. They send Josh Beckett against the Padres Jake Peavey. Should be a goodie. Game time 4pm.

Man, the home plate umpire was really piss poor tonight...

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