Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The Boston Globe is reporting that Curt Schilling will be placed on the disabled list. As reader Brandon astutely pointed out in the comments section of the previous post, Josh Beckett will move up in the rotation to take his place. Thanks to a rare and well placed off-day for the team, Beckett will pitch on regular rest.

What remains to be seen is who will take Schilling's place next week. It might not be anyone. Thursday the 28th is another off-day on the schedule, meaning that the Sox don't have to make any moves at all to fill that hole in the rotation either. Beckett could pitch that Saturday (the 30th) as well. By my count, Schilling would be eligible to return on Wednesday, July 3rd, assuming the move is retroactive to his last start.

Because of the off-days, the Sox only need to fill one day in early July. The All-Star break (July 9-11) saves their bacon, assuming no rain outs.


This is a good thing too, because Jon Lester didn't look so hot today. He's been pretty good in AAA ball so far, but he is still walking a lot of guys and throwing a lot of pitches. I didn't get to watch it, but I did follow the game on gamecast. From a very distant perspective (that of my living room) Lester still seems to have a ways to go before he's ready for the majors.


UPDATE: according to the Boston Globe (whom else?):
...the Sox will use Josh Beckett Sunday in San Diego and Julian Tavarez Monday. The Sox will then need a pitcher for Tuesday, and that could be either someone from Pawtucket (Jon Lester?) or it could be someone from within.

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