Thursday, June 14, 2007


I missed the whole Sox game. Having recently graduated from graduate school (is that repetitive?) many of my friends are now leaving for different cities in which to work. A friend of mine is headed to DC for employment so we went out to a couple places in a neighborhood in Philadelphia called Northern Liberties to celebrate. Theres all this new construction there, so every time I go up there its different. Lots of good bars. I recommend the Standard Tap.

Anyway, stupid Red Sox. Apparently Beckett didn't have it tonight. They picked a lousy time to start losing a bunch of games because it coincides with the Yankees winning ten games straight. Or maybe losing games is OK when yr up by 14.5... In any case, the Yankees have made up 7 games on Boston in the past three weeks, if you can believe that. Theres a huge difference between 14.5 games and 7.5 games in the standings.

Still, the Yankees aren't going to win every game from now until Labor Day (and if they do they deserve the division) just as the Red Sox aren't likely to keep losing two out of three at home to crappy teams like Colorado.

Don't be surprised to read a bunch of crap in the main stream media about how the Yankees are coming, blah blah blah. I can't wait.

AL East: The Sox lost, and the Yankees won. The Sox lead the Yankees by 7.5 games. Tampa (-11.5) and Baltimore (-12.5) also lost. Toronto (-10) had the night off.

Tomorrow: The Red Sox start a three game series against Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants at the Fens. Julian Tavarez goes against Barry Zito. Game time 7:05.

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