Monday, June 04, 2007


Its raining here in Tofino, BC, Canada where my wife and I are honeymooning. She decided to take a mid-day nap, so I'm taking the time to put up this short post.

I managed to upset her slightly (and myself a lot) last night when in the midst of an expensive dinner at the hotel restaurant, I ran back upstairs to discover that the Red Sox had blown a lead to the Yankees in the eighth and the game in the ninth. Very disappointing. However, I shouldn't be concerned because, A) I'm on my honeymoon, and B) the Sox are still up by at least 10 games (I'm sorry to say that I haven't checked the standings, nor will I till I return home on the 8th).

In any case, the Sox head to Oakland for a three game set with the no-hit A's. For the two or three people who check here on a regular basis, I'll be back to regular posting on June 9th or 10th.

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