Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Well, its a new season, I've got new VD, so its time for a new design here at Fenway Park Effects, or FPE as the kids like to call it. Our crack staff of crack smokers has been up all night smoking crack, and this is what they came up with (read: found on the internet). Thanks to Carrie Petri for the design.

In other news, Johnny Demon thinks his team is the best ever. Yay! Also, in the same article Jason Giambi says that he and Demon the "two idiots" are keeping the clubhouse loose. Good luck with that, steroid boy.

In Red Sox news, my man Manny Delcarmen is worried about making the team. Some advice from someone who hasn't been there and never will be: Don't worry about it, Manny. Just go out there and pitch. Remember, you da man, Manny, you da man.

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