Monday, March 19, 2007


Regardless of what the Canadians say, for the foreseeable future the AL East race will be between the two $150 Million plus behemoths, Boston and New York. Always an interesting case study in management ineptitude, the Yankees have recently righted their ship and seem to be stocking their farm system with powerful arms and young talented bats. I can't remember the last time the Yankee farm system was this good. Probably hasn't happened in my lifetime, and I'm 30, so that says something.

The Yankee system was pretty barren through the 90s and into this century. The idea was always to win now, no matter if that was feasible or not, even though it often was. But now NY has Jose Tabata, an 18 year old total stud with the bat, and Phil Hughes who, despite his spring is likely the best pitching prospect the game has seen in a few years. For you young Sox fans out there, Hughes grew up a huge Red Sox fan, so remember, if NY drafts you out of college and offers you several million to play for them, tell them 'no way.'

The fact that NY has such well thought of names in the pipeline should scare any Red Sox fan. The sleeping giant has awoken. Almost, anyway. Whether Hughes and Tabata ever amount to anything is hardly even the point. If they don't someone else will, and likely soon. No more laughing at the Yankees for wasting $40 Million on Carl Pavano, or giving $20 Million to Jaret Wright because there wasn't anyone else available and they needed someone. The idea of bringing up your own players is that not only do you get to pay far less for the same quality before players can hit free agency, but you can similarly avoid over-paying for someone else's mediocrity. Like Carl Pavano, or Jaret Wright, or might I add, Edgar Renteria.

Fortunately, just in time the Red Sox seem to be in the midst of a mini-youth movement as well. They don't seem to have the high ceiling guys that I keep hearing NY has, but players like Dustin Pedroia, Jon Papelbon, and even to a lesser extent David Murphy and Brandon Moss will give Boston the flexibility to either play their guys, or trade them and sign someone presumably better.

The rivalry is stocked, my friends, just as these two teams are getting old and brittle (take a look at Jason Giambi's knees and the Red Sox past August if you don't believe me) an injection of youth awaits just around the corner. I'm looking forward to it.

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