Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It sure is late. I keep finding myself up at all hours of the morning, even though I know I have class (and soon, hopefully, a job) to get up for in the morning. Still, it doesn't seem to matter - I can't bring myself to sleep. Its not that theres something exciting on TV or that I have a ton of work to do, although I do.

Anyway, Red Sox... not much to report there, I suppose. The team is finishing up spring training and heading north. On the way they'll be stopping here in Philly for two games. I'll be up in New York City on Friday, so I won't be around for that one, but on Saturday Matsuzaka is supposed to start for Boston, and I'll be there wearing my "Damon throws like a girl" t-shirt. Gimme a "Go Sox!" if you see me.

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