Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Season = New Post!

Its been forever since I've jotted down in this space, but it doesn't really matter much since nobody reads it. Heck, even I don't read the crap I'm spewing here. Which is fine in a way, since I'm so super busy, far too super busy to write here on a regular basis. I love it when people tell you how amazingly busy they are. Everyone is so so so busy they couldn't possibly ever have time for anything.

So, a new Red Sox season is upon us, and for the first time ever I made it down to Spring Training in Fort Myers. I caught Sox games in Clearwater against the Phils, Lakeland against the Tigers and Fort Myers against the Blue Jays. I had the honor of watching...
1) Papi homer over my head into a drainage ditch filled with at least one alligator (Yikes!).
2) A "fight" between the Red Sox and Tigers when Magglio Ordonez was so fooled by a Josh Beckett curveball that he leaned out over the plate to escape what he was sure was a fastball at his head. By doing that he put his head directly in the path of the pitch, which doinked off his noggin. I haven't seen a big league hitter fooled so badly in person before, but Tigers manager Leyland didn't take that into account when he ordered (presumably) Todd Jones (of the East Side Joneses) to throw at JD Drew. Jones threw one behind Drew on the first pitch and another on the second. Thats when the home plate umpire ran him. Leyland didn't like that. Boo hoo.
3) Two triples in two days. Normally, I'm lucky if I see one a year. The first was authored by JD Drew who looked like a gamer to me as he was motoring around the bases, and the second was crushed by the soon-to-be-resurgent Coco Crisp who lined one into the gap and off the wall so hard that it was a miracle he was able to beat the throw to third.

The moral of the story is I highly recommend checking out Spring Training to anyone who is considering it.

The picture above is of a kid who decided that it would be fun to throw grass on me. He wasn't stealthy enough to avoid laughing after two handfuls were on my head, however.

Ya know, this was kinda fun. Maybe I'll start doing it again. But I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Go Sox!

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