Sunday, September 30, 2007


The Red Sox are in, baby! Now its time to get fired up and kick some Angel butts. But before we get all fired up and start indiscriminately butt kicking, we should take an analytical look at things. Which I'm going to do tomorrow. So look for that, eh?

Being that I live in Philadelphia and the Phillies just beat the Mets out for the NL East title, I might also go to the rally they are holding at City Hall tomorrow at noon. We'll see how many Eagles chants break out. If I go I'll take photos and post some pictures here for the three readers I have.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is this: MLB has officially decided when (but not exactly) the Red Sox games will be played. The schedule looks like this:

Gm 1: LAA @ BOS....Wed, Oct. 3
Gm 2: LAA @ BOS....Fri, Oct. 5
Gm 3: BOS @ LAA....Sun, Oct. 7
Gm 4: BOS @ LAA....Mon, Oct. 8 (If necessary)
Gm 5: LAA @ BOS....Wed, Oct. 10 (If necessary)

The Yankees and Indians play Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday.

More tomorrow...

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