Saturday, September 29, 2007


Two days in a row!

As if winning the division wasn’t enough, the Boston Red Sox have something new to celebrate today. Their win over the Minnesota Twins combined with the Indians loss to Kansas City means that the Red Sox have clinched the best record in the American League (and by extension the best record in all of baseball). Even if the Sox lose tomorrow and the Indians win the Sox hold the tiebreaker with Cleveland.

Thanks to the AL’s win the All-Star game, the Red Sox will have homefield advantage as long as they are in the playoffs.

Speaking of the playoffs, the match ups are officially set now. The Red Sox will face the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim while the Indians will face the New York Yankees. The only thing remaining to be decided is whether the Red Sox will opt for the seven day division series schedule or the eight day. The Sox will have to make their choice soon (tonight according to the Boston Globe).

The Sox will being the playoffs in Boston on either Wednesday night, or Thursday night, depending on which they choose. [Update: the Sox have elected to take the eight day format and start the playoffs on Wednesday.]

The Sox have also announced that tomorrow’s scheduled starter, Curt Schilling, will not pitch. Instead, making likely his last start in a Red Sox uniform, His Craziness, Julian Tavarez will take Ol’ Schil’s place.

As the Globe speculates, this likely means that Schilling will take the second start after Josh Beckett against Anaheim.

The 2007 Boston Red Sox have achieved all their aspirations and hit all their targets. Its been an honor blogging about (most of) it. I’ll post a pre-ALDS write-up either tomorrow or Monday, but in the meantime I plan on basking in the glow of the Red Sox accomplishments

The Sox have had a phenomenally successful season, and its not over yet.




Tomorrow (Sunday): The Sox wrap up their regular season with Julian Tavarez on the mound. The'll be going for their 97th win. The Twins will throw Matt Garza. Game time 2:05pm.

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