Monday, September 24, 2007


The Yankees blew a golden opportunity today and lost a half game in the standings to the Red Sox by losing in their final home game of the year to Toronto, 4-1. The Red Sox magic number is down to 5, meaning any total of Red Sox wins & Yankee losses adding up to five or more an dthe Red Sox are AL East champs. The Yankees will now go on the road for six games against the Schwenksville Iron Whores (Orioles) and the Jackson Pillpoppers (Rays).

In other news, the Tigers lost to Minnesota meaning that the only way the Tigers can get into the playoffs is if the Yankees lose every game left in the season while the Tigers win all of their remaining games. Anything short of perfection means that, minimally, the Yankees are going to win the Wild Card. In other words, its pretty much a done deal.

In still more other news, I missed the Red Sox loss in Tampa on Sunday so I could see my Redskins blow a 14 point lead and lose at home to the New York Giants in person. I took some pictures, but considering the result of the afternoon/evening, I'd rather just forget that the game ever happened.

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