Monday, May 21, 2007

Sox Lose to Yankees, Fall to 9.5 Games Ahead

A couple points about this piece of monkey sheet:

I don't know which is worse: listening to Michael Kay kiss the Yankees collective ass over and over and over for nine innings, or listening to Rick Sutcliffe pull endless streams of stupid crap out of seemingly nowhere.

Whats with all the Yankee "fans" leaving the stadium before the ninth inning? The stadium was empty going into the ninth. You'd never see that at Fenway, especially if the Sox were whipping the Yankees. OK, the Sox were down 6-2, but the way the Yankees have pitched this season I hardly think that lead is safe.

It seemed like the Red Sox couldn't get a call on the corner to go their way all night long. Youkilis was up the bases loaded in the first. With the count 3-1, Wang threw a pitch that was outside by at least a couple inches. Youk starts to go to first. "Strike 2." That was a run the ump took away with his lousy call. It was made worse by the fact that Youk struck out on the next pitch.

Can you tell I'm frustrated by the game? I tried to get most of my anger out by couch punching, but that only takes you so far, ya know? Bring me the head of Johnny Damon!

The Sox had something going against Yankee pitching all night long. They left the bases loaded twice, for example, but just couldn't come up with the big hit. Frustrating. Very F'n Frustrating...

Overall, not a very impressive outing by either team. The Yankees can't field worth a crap, and only managed 6 runs against a very crappy Tim Walkfield and the dregs of the Boston pen. The Red Sox didn't look much better, putting runners on over and over and never driving any of them in.

Imagine how good we'll be when Manny and J.D. Drew actually start pulling their weight. As opposed to now when neither of 'em can hit a beach ball underhanded to them by a toddler.

AL East: Yankees move to 9.5 games out with tonight's win (good job, fellas; I'm sure everyone in NY is so proud). Tampa was off today, while Baltimore and Toronto played in the Hall of Fame Game in Cooperstown, NY, which, inexplicably, doesn't count. Baltimore is now 10.0 games behind Boston, while Toronto is 10.5 back, and Tampa is 11.5 games back.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): The Red Sox play game two in New York. The Red Sox beg for an ass-kicking by sending His Craziness, Julian Tavarez to the mound. The Yankees counter with Mike Mussina, who likes his eggs just so. NO NO! Just so.

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