Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Message from David Ortiz

Hello, dudes. Its me, David Ortiz. Big Papi. I know we just beat the Yankees and everyone is happy. But, dudes, the season just started. Its like, wow, man. Its only just May now. Also, I'm pretty sure there are other teams for us to beat. And, we gotta beat the Yankees twelve more times, man. What I'm saying is its a long season. This is just the beginning, guy.

We gotta get Manny roll'n too, dude. The guy just isn't hitting, ya know? But I gotta plan. Me and Daisuke are going to break into his house and stock his fridge with
El Presidente. Daisuke going to come along and bring some Asahi Super Dry. We're gonna wake that crazy motherfucker up, man. You'll see. He's going to crush Oakland tonight and tomorrow. Its going to be fun.

Well, I gotta go. We got a game today. What? You think I have time to sit around and write a blog all day?

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