Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This one wasn't to be from the beginning. Schilling came out throwing batting practice and never did get going, giving up 6 runs and 12 hits in 6 innings. The Red Sox hit Pettitte pretty good (8 hits in 7 innings, including more than a couple hard hit line outs), but managed to scatter their hits around for minimum effect.

A couple quick hit notes before I hit the sack and try to forget this game ever happened:

*Joel Piniero, who's drive and fire I admire, should be on the first train out of Boston. Eight walks and six strikeouts in 17 innings and an ERA of 5.71? There have to be at least three guys in AAA that can exceed that level of suckitude.

*Wily Mo needs to DH, pinch hit, or sit the bench. The guy is incapable of playing the outfield. I say this as someone who considers himself a Pena fan. Wily Mo needs to play everyday for someone, and the Red Sox aren't that team right now. With Jacoby Ellsbury coming up through the ranks, Coco Crisp signed for two more years, and Manny's unmovable contract, theres was no room for Wily Mo. And now especially with the signing of J.D. Drew, theres isn't a place for Pena on the team. I applaud Theo's effort, but ultimately it was a bad trade. Hopefully Pena has some value at the trade deadline.

*Youkilis is on fire. The man can hit anything from anyone. Not all the time, but half the time, and thats more than enough. Theres no reason he shouldn't be hitting second or first (preferably first) in the lineup everyday.

*Manny had two hits, one of them a double off the wall in right center. He also flew out to deep center field. Maybe... maybe... he's coming around.

*Rivera came in and gave up a double down the right field line to Wily Mo. He then struck out the next two guys on highly questionable calls (the one to Lugo might have been a strike, but theres no way the one to Pedroia was. That was what is known in the industry as "a bad call.") Maybe its just me, but Rivera doesn't scare me anymore. He's still a good pitcher, but he's definitely not untouchable. When the Yankees bring him in, I don't feel the game is over.

*It was only one series. We took one from them in their own park, and they only picked up one game in the standings. We're 9.5 games ahead, we're 6-3 against them, and we'll see these pricks again. Good. I can't wait.

AL East: Baltimore beat Toronto and Seattle beat Tampa. The Red Sox hold a 9.5 game lead over New York, a 10.0 game lead over Baltimore, a 10.5 game lead over Toronto, and a 12.0 game lead over Tampa.

Tomorrow (Wednesday): The Red Sox are off on Thursday. They resume their schedule with a three game set in Texas against the Rangers. Daisuke Matsuzaka gets the start on Friday. He is opposed by Brandon McCarthy. Game time at 8:05pm EST.

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