Thursday, May 17, 2007

J to tha T, J to tha L, and Mexican Food

In the first game of today's doubleheader, Julian Tavarez somehow held the Tigers to one run. The Red Sox managed one more than that, which turned out to be just enough to beat Detroit in the make up from last night's rainout, 2-1. Tavarez threw 7 quality innings and then got shutdown work from the bullpen to preserve the win. Hideki Okajima and Jon Papelbon didn't allow a baserunner in the last two innings, and Manny Ramirez had two hits for the Sox in the win.

In other news, Jon Lester will get the start for AAA Pawtucket versus Ottawa this Saturday. Lester will be held to 50-55 pitches according to the Boston Globe. This will be the start of a 30 day rehab assignment for Lester, though the Globe speculates that he could be back in Boston more quickly than that. My guess is it will depend on how he feels and how he pitches (going out on a limb, huh?). If he feels good and he dominates on the mound, he could make it up to Boston after just two starts. If he feels great, but he doesn't pitch that well, he'll likely remain in Pawtucket for the foreseeable future.

Both the Red Sox and Yankees are playing doubleheaders today. Not sure when the last time was that that happened. [Correction: New York is not playing a doubleheader today. Their only game was during the day. They lost to Chicago, 4-1 to fall 9 games behind the Red Sox.]

I'll have a recap of the days games later night after I return from some fabulous Mexican food.

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