Friday, April 22, 2005

An Olde-Fashioned Duel

Last night was like the playoffs. It felt that way to me. Especially the last three or four innings when it became apparent that one run would mean the difference in the game one way or the other. Everyone was standing and cheering. The crowd was about evenly divided between Red Sox and O's fans, with each side making themselves heard. I couldn't even count the number of "Lets go Red Sox!" cheers that came up to support the Sox when they needed it.

Clement was on his game, like Wells before him. To hold a team with a lineup like the O's scoreless for 18 consecutive innings is a very impressive not to mention rare feat. I hadn't been to a game where runs were at such a premium since I saw Pedro throw eight shutout innings against Bartolo Colon back in 2000. I think the Sox won that one 2-0. Derek Lowe got the save.

After the game ended I had a cool moment in the men's room after the game (hold yr jokes for just a moment please). This should let you know how many red sox fans were at the game, by the way. So, I was waiting in line at the urinal and someone shouted "Who's in first place now" and instinctively I yelled "Red Sox!" and everyone in the bathroom (about fifty or sixty people) cheered. It was pretty cool.

And it is true: the Sox are actually back in first place today, thanks to last night's win. Its monumentally early (this is about the millionth time I've written that sentiment) but its nice to be in first anyway. Better that than last place, right?

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