Monday, April 11, 2005

John Kruk & Harold Reynolds are Morons!!

John Kruk and Harold Reynolds said on Baseball Tonight on espn the channel that Derek Lowe and Dave Roberts should not have worn Red Sox jerseys when they came back to Fenway for the Ring ceremony on Monday.

Ok, where to start with these idiots...First of all, Reynolds started off by saying that "it was a shame that this [non-Sox players wearing Sox unis] is what we're talking about after the Red Sox put on such a great ring ceremony." Well then, jackass, if its such a shame then don't talk about it! Don't pretend that you don't have any control over what you talk about.

But as to the actual meat of Reynolds' comment, I agree wholeheartedly. He and Kruk SHOULD find something else to talk about! Heres a random suggestion: The Red Sox won the World Series for the first time in 86 years! Why don't you talk about that?

As to their actual argument (predictibly steeped in idiocy), why shouldn't Lowe and Roberts wear Red Sox jerseys? This ceremony was to honor the 2004 Red Sox team that came back from near impossible odds to beat NY, win the ALCS, and then stomp an excellent Cardinals team in the World Series. Both Lowe and Roberts were members of that team. I say "were" for two reasons. 1) as both Kruk and Reynolds point out neither player plays for Boston this year, and 2) both players did LAST year. This ceremony had nothing to do with the 2005 Red Sox team. Nothing. Matt Clement did not get a ring. Neither did David Wells. Why you ask? Because neither player was on the '04 Sox team. But, you say, they both are on the '05 team. Exactly! We're talking two different years, and two different teams, a concept that both Kruk and Reynolds fail to grasp.

Why these two guys have these jobs is frankly beyond me. Not to say that they do a bad job of talking into the camera or that their job is easy. I wouldn't try to advance either argument. But there simply has to be someone out there who can both talk to a camera and who has something useful to say, of which both Reynolds and Kruk do not.

One final note and then I promise to let this matter drop: you know when John Kruk starts talking about the "right way to play baseball" that he's full of shit. That lardass sure played the game right when he played, if by playing it right you mean being an unkempt slovenly pig. Can you imagine him saying this: "A-Rod's problem is that he spends too much time in the weight room. He needs to eat more Ho-Hos. Also drink more."

Good job, John and Harold. I'd say next time just stick to analyzing the sport, but I'd rather you didn't do that either.

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