Wednesday, December 26, 2007


And like that, another Christmas/Shopping Season ends.

Its such a let down after Christmas is over. Not because I love Christmas, though I do enjoy the lights, but because the end of Christmas season leaves behind simply the cold and dark of winter. Three more months of cold, and if we're lucky, a bit of snow will set the scene.

Then one cold winter day, a couple trucks push through the snow and arrive outside Fenway Park. There they'll be packed to the gills and they'll hit the road heading south for Fort Myers, Florida.

Spring Training will poke a few notes of warmth through our cold winter. Images of the players stretching and long tossing in short sleeves with palm trees in the back ground will be published in the paper and broadcast on the news. Those of us lucky enough will take a few days off work and relive our childhood watching a few games that don't matter under the sun. We'll reappear at work the following week sporting a sunburn and a unmovable grin.

That's what I'm living for now. Truck day, the beginning of Spring Training, and the start to another great season of Red Sox baseball.

Happy Holidays to you all, and remember, Spring Training is just fifty days away. Stay warm!

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