Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I did a little research and believe it or not, the number 135 is a few other things besides Tom Gordon's ERA. 135 is:

  • a highway that goes through Topeka, Kansas.
  • an astrological aspect called a "sesquiquadrate," meaning when two planets are 135 degrees apart.
  • the name of standard 35mm film.
  • the number of prime numbers between the number 1,000 and the number 2,000.
  • the year King Espander took the thrown from Menander I in the Indo-Greek Kingdom. Thats 135 BC.
  • high enough that there is not a corresponding element on the periodic table.
  • 200 less than the 335 years war, which lasted 335 years.
  • 35 years longer than the hundred years war, which lasted 116 years.
  • the number of people killed in a truck bombing in Bagdad on February 4th.
  • the number of different kinds of PCDFs (no, I have no idea what a PCDF is).
  • the number of thousands of dollars which will be required to buy a flying saucer house in Tennessee. Seriously: http://www.therealestatebloggers.com/2008/03/21/tennessee-flying-saucer-house-sells-for-135k/
  • is CXXXV in roman numerals.

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