Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Matty's Personal Opening Day

I just got a ticket to see the Yankees play the O's on Saturday the 9th of April. Randy Johnson will make his second start in MF'n pinstripes. He'll opose someone wearing a uniform with a hat that say's "O's" on it. Man, those hats are dumb looking... does it really matter who's pitching for Baltimore? If Johnson is on the Yankees will win, if not the O's will probably score a bunch of runs and make the game competitive. The Yankees should score a bunch of runs off whoever Lee Mazzili throws up there (and I do mean "throws up"). If I'm lucky I'll be wearing my Red Sox hat and road uniform ($49 on sale!) to an 11-9 O's win in NY.

Last season the O's managed to lose the season series 14-5 or some such awfulness, so Matty's Key to Boston's Second WS Championship (MKBSWSC) is:

the O's must beat NY this season.

Because we won't.

Last year the Red Sox won the season series from NY 11-8. No small feat that. We also managed to lose the season series to Baltimore by a similar score - this is all off the top of my head so forgive the vague-itude - of something like 12-7. No small feat that either. Every time the Sox played Baltimore either the Sox would forget their bats in the clubhouse, or one of Baltimore's pitchers would have what could charitably be described as a career day. I was in Baltimore last year for Curt Schillings ignominious loss to Danial "The lovechild of Sandy Koufax and Juan Marical" Cabrera. Cabrera of the 12,000,000.00 ERA. Of course he's unhittable against Schilling and the Sox.

Anyway, for the Sox to capture the AL East this season they have to beat up on Baltimore, and/or the O's have to be semi-passible against NY. Hopefully on Saturday the 9th my iron lungs will be a small part of Baltimore's resurgence against NY this season.


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