Thursday, December 16, 2004

Loading Up

I have to pack to go to San Francisco tonight, so this will be abreviated. Not like anyone reads this, or should, but I'll act like someone might and go ahead and apologize for the substandard size of this post.

Theres been some big news in baseball today with the signing of Sexson and Beltre by the Mariners, and the trade of Tim Hudson to the Braves by the Oakland Beanes. Big news indeed. But you'll notice the Red Sox weren't involved in any of those deals. I'll probably run out of things to write about and have to go back and write about how dumb the Mariners are, or how important the Hudson trade was, but for now, I'm more concerned about the Red Sox.

Did we pay too much for Renteria? The more I read the more I think we did. The only thing is I'm not sure who else we could have got. I know thats not a good excuse for overpaying. Theres always someone who can fill the bill and hold the place until theres something better on the table. Renteria is going to be making $10 Million a year. Miguel Tejada makes just $2 Million more a year and undoubtedly is more than $2 million better than Renteria. Derek Jeter makes just $10 Million more, and...Ok, Ok, bad joke.

Anyway, time to throw a bunch of crap in my bag and hit the road. I'll probably write again this Tuesday. Something to mark your calendar by...

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